Statistical Process Control (SPC) Learning Module - Instructor Guides

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Statistical Process Control (SPC) is a set of tools used for continuous improvement and the assurance of quality in an active manufacturing process.  This learning module introduces some of the SPC tools used by technicians and engineers, including one of the most common tools - control charts.  Activities provide the opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of control charts using select data sets.

The SPC Learning Modules contains the following.

  • Learning Module Map (Suggested outline for instructors)
  • Pre-test (Knowledge Proble)
  • Reading:  Introduction to Statistical Process Control
  • Presentation:  Introduction to Statistical Process Control (pptx with notes)
  • Reading:  Control Chart Basics
  • Presentation:  Control Chart Basics (pptx with notes)
  • Activity:  Apply SPC to Resistance Measurements
  • Activity (Advanced):  MEMS Process Problem*
  • Assessment:  Multiple choice
  • Assessment:  Short Answer

*This activity can be found in the SCME "A Systemic Approach to Problem Solving Learning Module".

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Student materials for this learning module are available here.