Learning Microsystems Through Problem Solving Activity

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This activity provides the opportunity for you to demonstrate your knowledge of microsystems or MEMS (MicroElectroMechanical Systems), MEMS components, applications and operations.  This activity works best if you work in small groups or with at least one other person to design and construct a model of a MEMS device.

This activity is recommended as a capstone activity after having studied microsystems, their applications, operation, and fabrication.

This activity includes the following.

  • Activity:  Learning Microsystems Through Problem Solving
  • Activity Checklist for identifying steps and progress
  • Presentation: MEMS Applications Overview (pdf)
  • Presentation: MEMS Components (pdf)
  • Presentation:  Linkage Assembly Fabrication (pptx)
  • Activity Guide - Applications:  Pictorial guide of MEMS Applications (pdf)
  • Activity Guide - Components:  Pictorial guide of MEMS Components (pdf)
  • Activity Guide - Process:  Pictorial guide of MEMS Process steps (pdf)

Instructor materials for this learning module are available here.

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