Dynamic Crack Growth under Periodic Excitation Simulator

Simulate 2D crack growth due to sinusoidal loading.

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Version 1.0 - published on 15 Aug 2017

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Fracture mechanics determine the mechanical behaviour, safety and effectiveness of plastic bonded explosives (PBX). Vibrations during production, handling and transport can induce cracks in the explosive particles. In this tool a continuum phase field damage model is used to simulate the propagation of cracks in a HMX particle embedded in sylgard. The solver is based on the MOOSE finite element framework.

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Y. Xie and M. Koslowski, Numerical simulations of inter-laminar fracture in particle-toughened carbon fiber reinforced composites, Composites: Part A 92 (2017) 62–69

C. Miehe, F. Aldakheel, A. Raina, Phase field modeling of ductile fracture at finite strains: A variational gradient-extended plasticity-damage theory, International Journal of Plasticity 84 (2016) 1-32

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  • Rachel Katherine Kohler, Nicolò Grilli, Marisol Koslowski (2017), "Dynamic Crack Growth under Periodic Excitation Simulator," http://nanohub.org/resources/shakefracture. (DOI: 10.21981/D3ZC7RW8W).

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