BioMEMS Overview Learning Module - Instructor Guides

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This learning module explains what "BioMEMS" are and how they are used today in different fields.  An activity provides the opportunity to reinforce the importance of BioMEMS, study where they are used, and explore the endless possibilities of future BioMEMS devices.

This learning module contains the following instructor guides.

  • Download Bundle (contains all the files)
  • Learning Module Map (suggested outline for module)
  • Reading material: BioMEMS Overview
  • Presentation: BioMEMS Overview (pptx)
  • Activity: BioMEMS Overview
  • Assessment

Instructors: Please create a nanoHUB account and then request SCME Group membership in order to obtain Instructor Guides and editable slides for your personal classroom use.

Student materials for this learning module are available here.