Biomolecular Applications of BioMEMS Learning Module - Instructor Guides

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This learning module is an overview of biomolecules, what are they?, types of biomolecules, and how microtechnology is using biomolecules or exploiting their functions for micro and nano applications.  Activities provide the opportunity to better understand the functions of biomolecules, their scale, and why they are so important for micro and nanotechnologies.

This learning modules contains the following units.

  • Pre-test:  Knowledge Probe
  • Reading:  Biomolecular Applications of BioMEMS
  • Presentation:  Biomolecular Applications of BioMEMS (pptx)
  • Activity:  Biomolecular Functions
  • Activity:  The Scale of Biomolecules
  • Activity:  Biological Motors
  • Assessment

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Student materials for this learning module are available here.