Introduction to VEDA: Virtual Environment for Dynamic AFM

By Arvind Raman

Purdue University

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This resource has become outdated and has been retired through agreement with the author. Please see the VEDA tool page and supporting documents for current information regarding the VEDA Tool.

This learning module describes the motivation, theory, and features of VEDA- a Virtual Environment for Dynamic Atomic Force Microscopy for the accurate simulation of dynamic AFM on organic and inorganic surfaces. Following the motivation and theory, two specific examples are illustrated, one using the Dynamic Approach Curve (DAC) tool and another using the Amplitude Modulated Scanning (AMS) tool. The first example explores how VEDA can be used to understand the imaging forces applied to a polymer sample in dynamic AFM while the second illustrates how both changes in elasticity as well as viscosity over different parts of a polymer sample can lead to different extents of phase contrast.

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