Phase Transforming Cellular Materials (Spherical Shells)

By Valeria Grillo1, ASHLEY MIN2, Gavin Carter, Yunlan Zhang3, Kristiaan William Hector3, David Restrepo Arango, Chidubem Nuela Enebechi3, Pablo Daniel Zavattieri3, Nilesh Mankame

1. Other 2. NCN URE 3. Purdue University

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“Phase transforming cellular materials (PXCMs) are a class of materials whose unit cells exhibit multiple configurations (metastable or bistable) [1]. The geometrical structure of the PXCM can change to increase the energy absorbed. The hysteretic nature of the PXCM makes the potential application of these cellular materials extremely versatile”[1]. The objective was to be able to research within the 3D realm for the purpose of constructing a 3D PXCM.

A well known PXCM has a sinusoidal beam mechanism. During the summer the research group decided to test different geometries, in this case, shells were created with tennis balls.


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[1] D. Restrepo, N. D. Mankame, and P. D. Zavattieri. “Phase transforming cellular materials”. Extrem. Mech. Lett., vol. 4, pp. 52–60, 2015.

[2] M. Taffetani, X. Jiang, D.P. Holmes, D. Vella. “Static bistability of spherical caps”. Proc. R. Soc. A., vol. 474, 2018.

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