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BME 695N Lecture 8: Technologies for measuring nanomedical systems on/within cells

By James Leary

Purdue University

Published on


  1. Introduction to measuring technologies for nanomedical system interaction with cells
    1. The importance of quantitative or at least semi-quantitative single cell measurements to detect presence and location of nanomedical systems
    2. Below "optical limit" imaging
    3. Requirements on the NMS to have X-ray dense, fluorescent, metallic, or magnetic cores
    4. Can you study living cells?
  2. Technologies – Advantages and disadvantages
    1. Flow cytometry – a "zero order" imaging device
    2. Scanning and Transmission electron microscopy
    3. Confocal microscopy – one and two-photon
    4. Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) Imaging
    5. Atomic Force Microscopy
    6. Magnetic Sorting/MRI contrast agents for in-vivo imaging


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