BME 695N Lecture 15: Nanodelivery of therapeutic genes & molecular biosensor feedback control systems

By James Leary

Basic Medical Sciences and Biomedical Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

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  1. Introduction and overview
    1. Some of the advantages of therapeutic genes
    2. Some of the advantages of molecular biosensor feedback control systems
    3. Why a nanodelivery approach is appropriate
  2. The therapeutic gene approach
    1. What constitutes a "therapeutic gene" ?
    2. Transient versus stable expression modes
  3. Molecular feedback control systems
    1. Drug delivery has traditionally not used feedback controls
    2. Why feedback control might be a very good idea!
    3. Positive or negative feedback?
  4. Molecular Biosensors as a component of a nanomedicine feedback control system
    1. What is a molecular biosensor?
    2. How a molecular biosensor functions as a therapeutic gene switch
  5. Building integrated molecular biosensor/gene delivery systems –some examples
    1. Required components
    2. Example of a ribozyme/antivirus system
    3. Example of an ARE biosensor/DNA repair system


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