Crystal Viewer Tool

By Abhijeet Paul1, Gerhard Klimeck1, Evan J. Dawley1

1. Purdue University

Visualize different lattices and planes

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Archive Version 1.2
Published on 20 Oct 2008, unpublished on 11 Nov 2008
Latest version: 3.0.6. All versions

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This tool will help in visualizing various types of Bravais lattices, planes and Miller indices needed for many material, electronics and chemistry courses. Also large bulk systems for different materials (Silicon, InAs, GaAs, diamond, graphene, Buckyball) can be viewed using this tool. The main purpose of this tool is to provide insight about the crystalline structure of various materials.

This is the first release of the tool, and it will hopefully improved down the line. Please feel free to send comments and requests in the nanoHUB help system.

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NCN , Purdue University

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