Multiphase Gallium Nitride Nanowires and Nanocircuits

By Virginia M. Ayres

Michigan State University

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Virginia M. Ayres Virginia M. Ayres is an Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, and heads the Electronic and Biological Nano-structures Laboratory ( at Michigan State University. Her research interests include the reduced dimensionality-based electronic properties of nanotubes and nanowires. Dr. Ayres earned her Ph.D. and M.S. in Physics from Purdue University, and her B.A. in Physics and Biophysics from the Johns Hopkins University. She is the recipient of two NASA Faculty Fellowship Awards and of two international awards from the Japan Society for Promotion of Science and from Tokyo Institute of Technology for research and education in Japan. In 2006, she was honored with an Outstanding Alumnus Award from the Department of Physics at Purdue University.


In conjunction with: B.W. Jacobs, K. McElroy, M.A. Crimp, Michigan State University; J.B. Halpern, and M-Q. He, Howard University; H.C. Shaw, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; M.P. Petkov, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

The support of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and the National Science Foundation IREE, PREM, CREST and REU programs are gratefully acknowledged. B.W.J would like to thank the NASA Goddard Graduate Student Researchers Program. All nanocircuits were fabricated at the W. M. Keck Microfabrication Facility at Michigan State University.

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