Nano-Plasmonic Bowtie Antenna Simulator

By Alexander S McLeod1, Jeffrey B. Neaton2, P. James Schuck1, Eugene Song3, Graham Chapman

1. University of California - Berkeley 2. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 3. University of California, Berkeley

A tool for simulating the near-field enhancement effects of nano-scale bowtie antennae.

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Version 1.2.2 - published on 09 Oct 2014

doi:10.4231/D3QN5ZC32 cite this

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This tool allows users to perform FDTD (finite difference time domain) simulations of nano-scale bowtie antennae of arbitrary geometry with a variety of material models. Outputs include: (1) simulation log; (2) sequences of planar png images (with dynamically scaled colorbar) in time; (3) sequences of volume slice "heightmap" plots in time; (4) sequences of volume cartesian slices in time; (5) dynamic calculation of points of maximum enhancement or electric field energy density; (6) field component energy densities plotted versus time at a specified point; (7) field component energy densities plotted versus wavelength at a specified point; (8) field component energy densities plotted versus frequency at a specified point; (9) overlay plots of "bare source" fields Note that this tool can be used to identify resonances for various antenna geometries. A useful strategy is to radiate the antenna with a gaussian source and look for the spectral peak. Coming soon in version 2.0: 1) Placement of multiple bowtie antennae in arbitrary arrangements 2) Placement of simulated spherical tip 3) New material models 4) Parallel computing support


Developed by Alex McLeod, Kenes Beketayev, Eugene Song, and Graham Chapman at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories, Molecular Foundry - Theory Group, in association with Jeffrey Neaton and P.J. Schuck.

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  • Alexander S McLeod, Jeffrey B. Neaton, P. James Schuck, Eugene Song, Graham Chapman (2014), "Nano-Plasmonic Bowtie Antenna Simulator," (DOI: 10.4231/D3QN5ZC32).

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