Silicon nanomembranes

By Max Lagally

University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Silicon nanomembranes are extremely thin (<10 to 100s of nm), flexible, strain-engineered, single-crystal sheets. Their novelty is several-fold: they are flexible, they are readily transferable to other hosts and conform and bond easily, they are stackable, and they can take on a large range of shapes (tubes, spirals,ribbons, wires) via appropriate strain engineering and patterning. They provide the potential for new or enhanced application of Si
in fast flexible electronics; quantum electronics,1000 Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory
new nanophotonic, optoelectronic, and thermoelectric devices; and chemical and biological sensors. Many properties of bulk Si can be modified in SiNMs,including band structure and quantum properties, electronic transport, phonon distributions, and mechanical properties. Because they are so close, the two surfaces of the membrane become a significant influence on overall SiNM properties. In this talk I review SiNM processing (fabrication, strain engineering, and transfer) and some of the unexpected physical and electronic properties of
SiNMs. These include surface transfer doping via surface structures or absorbed layers, through-membrane elastic interactions to create periodic strain lattices, conduction band splitting and shifting with strain, and orientation- dependent carrier mobility enhancement with strain. Applications will be briefly addressed as time permits.


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