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Nano Carbon: From ballistic transistors to atomic drumheads

By Paul L. McEuen

Cornell University

Published on


Paul McEuen B.S. 1985, Engineering Physics, University of Oklahoma. Ph.D., 1991, Applied Physics, Yale University. Post-Doctoral Researcher, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1990-91. Assistant Professor, Physics, University of California, Berkeley, 1992-96. Associate Professor, Physics, University of California, Berkeley, 1996-2000. Professor, Physics, Cornell University, 2001-present. Office of Naval Research Young Investigator, 1992-95; Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellow, 1992-94; Packard Foundation Fellow, 1992-97; National Young Investigator, 1993-98; LBNL Outstanding Performance Award, 1997; Packard Foundation Interdisciplinary Fellow, 1999; Agilent Europhysics Prize, 2001.

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