Linear and Nonlinear Optical Devices Based on Slow Light Propagation: Figures of Merit

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Jacob B. Khurgin Jacob B. Khurgin received MS in Optical Engineering from the Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics, St. Petersburg, Russia in 1979. Upon promptly leaving that land in 1980, he joined the Philips Laboratories of NV Philips in Briarcliff Manor, NY where he worked with a variable degree of success on miniature solid-state lasers, II-VI semi-conductor lasers pumped with E-beam, various display components, and coffee makers that do not explode. Simultaneously, he was pursuing his graduate studies at Polytechnic Institute of NY, where he had received his PhD in Electro-physics in January 1987.

In January 1988, Dr. Khurgin joined the ECE department of Johns Hopkins University where he is currently a Professor. His research interests include physics of semi-conductor nanostructures, quantum devices, semi-conductor lasers and amplifiers, nonlinear optics, optical communications, microwave photonics, ultra-fast opto-electronics, and others. He has authored in excess of 170 publications in technical journals and a few book chapters. Prof. Khurgin is an OSA Fellow.

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