Examples for QuaMC 2D particle-based device Simulator Tool

By Dragica Vasileska1, Shaikh S. Ahmed2, Gerhard Klimeck3

1. Arizona State University 2. Southern Illinois University Carbondale 3. Purdue University

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We provide three examples that demonstrate the full capabilities of QuaMC 2D for alternative device technologies.

  • Example 1: Simulation of a conventional 25 nm MOSFET device
  • Example 2: Velocity overshoot in FD SOI devices
  • Example 3: The role of quantum corrections (quantum-mechanical space quantization) on the operation of dual-gate devices

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  • Dragica Vasileska, Shaikh S. Ahmed, Gerhard Klimeck (2008), "Examples for QuaMC 2D particle-based device Simulator Tool," http://nanohub.org/resources/4543.

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