OMEN Nanowire

Full-band 3D quantum transport simulation in nanowire structure

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Version 1.18 - published on 14 Mar 2017

doi:10.4231/D3PV6B80Z cite this

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2076 Hi, I'm trying to run the simulation with default setting and no result is presented. Could someone please help. Thank you.
Asked by Maisarah Saadenan Open 0
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1969 Simulation not working, no result shown.
Asked by Anonymous Open 0
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1860 Is penetration of electron in oxide considered in calculation?
Asked by Ankit Shukla Open 0
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1811 problem launching job
Asked by Bhubon Mech Open 1
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1322 Getting Exit Code 1
Asked by Ibrahim Misbah Sadiq Open 1
1104 Getting job error.
Asked by Protik Das Open 3
796 Problem launching job error
Asked by Bahareh Yaghootkar Open 2
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507 Error clarification
Asked by Anonymous Open 3
504 How to do simulation on OMEN nanowire tool?
Asked by Anonymous Closed 3
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462 How is the continuous doping density profile implemented in omenwire?
Asked by Golam Rabbani Closed 1
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332 Why does the potential show a singularity at the location where the boundary condition changes from Dirichlet to Neumann?
Asked by George Pau Open 3
320 boundary conditions for the poisson equation
Asked by George Pau Closed 2
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316 analytical expression for the poisson solve
Asked by George Pau Closed 1
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305 convergence criteria
Asked by George Pau Closed 2
304 fermi level
Asked by George Pau Closed 2
246 Default voltage values need be changed.
Asked by Shaikh S. Ahmed Closed 2