Fine Tuning Microcantilever Vibrations for Ultrasensitive Analyte Mass Detection

By Arvind Raman

Purdue University

Published on


Microcantilever based biochemical sensing has shown tremendous promise for ultrasenstive detection in both liquid and ambient conditions. However improving the sensitivity, reliability and robustness of these sensors so they can achieve their potential needs substantial efforts in (a) chemical functionalization of the sensor, (b) mechanical transduciton of the binding events, and (c) integration of the sensors into larger systems. In this talk we will focus on our groups efforts at developing new ultransensitive paradigms for mechanical transduction of binding events. We will focus on our results on the use of (i) higher cantilever modes, (ii) the used of carbon nanotube whistered cantilevers, (iii)the development of mode localization sensors and (iv) the performance of cantilever sensors under liquids.

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