Metal Oxide Nanowires as Gas Sensing Elements: from Basic Research to Real World Applications

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Andrei Kolmakov Prof. Andrei Kolmakov specializes in surface science, transport properties, and imaging techniques of nano- objects relative to gas sensing and catalysis. He has authored or co-authored over 70 technical papers, including 2 book chapters and 5 review articles. He received his MS in physics from Moscow Physical Technical Institute in 1986. He started his research work as a staff member at the Russian Research Center Kurchatov Institute in Moscow, where he completed his PhD in solid-state physics in 1996. After his previous appointment as associate researcher at UCSB he joined in 2005 the Physics Department at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, as an Assistant Professor. In addition to his research and educational duties, he currently serves as an editorial board member for Research Letters in Nano- technology and Science of Advanced Materials. His research is currently funded by Petroleum Research Fund and Caterpillar Inc.

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