MOSCap Demonstration: MOS Capacitor Simulation

By Gerhard Klimeck1, Benjamin P Haley2

1. Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 2. Purdue University



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This video shows the simulation of a MOS capacitor using the MOSCap tool. Several powerful analytic features of this tool are demonstrated, including the following:

  • calculation of C-V curves for a single gate device
  • running multiple simulations with low and high frequency AC analysis and plotting C-V curves for both cases on the same plot
  • changing the doping level in the device
  • plotting C-V curves for high and low doping for low frequency AC analysis on the same plot
  • plotting C-V curves for high and low doping and high and low frequency AC analysis (4 cases total) on the same plot
  • energy band and electron density spatial profiles along the device for no applied gate voltage
  • complete PADRE output log
  • calculation of (device capacitance/oxide capacitance) versus voltage curves

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