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Illinois ECE 598EP Lecture 12 - Hot Chips: Boundary Resistance and Thermometry

By Eric Pop1, Omar N Sobh2

1. Stanford University 2. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Published on


Boundary Resistance and Thermometry


  • Summary of Boundary Resistance
  • Acoustic vs. Diffuse Mismatch Model
  • Band to Band Tunneling Conduction
  • Thermionic and Field Emission(3D)
  • Photon Radiation Limit
  • Photon Conductance of Nanoconstrictions
  • Nanoscale Thermometry
  • Scanning Thermal Microscopy

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  • Eric Pop; Omar N Sobh (2009), "Illinois ECE 598EP Lecture 12 - Hot Chips: Boundary Resistance and Thermometry,"

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