MIT Tools for Energy Conversion and Storage

By Jeffrey C Grossman, Joo-Hyoung Lee, Varadharajan Srinivasan, Alexander S McLeod, Lucas Wagner

Atomic-Scale Simulation Tools to Explore Energy Conversion and Storage Materials

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Published on 04 Nov 2009 All versions

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These tools allow students to focus on the atomic-scale physics and chemistry underlying four separate energy conversion and storage materials: thermoelectrics, solar fuels, solar photovoltaics, and hydrogen storage. Within each of these four different tools, the user can compute properties that are directly relevant to the key fundamental conversion and storage mechanisms.

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  • Jeffrey C Grossman; Joo-Hyoung Lee; Varadharajan Srinivasan; Alexander S McLeod; Lucas Wagner (2015), "MIT Tools for Energy Conversion and Storage," (DOI: 10.4231/D3W66980V).

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  1. thermoelectrics
  2. hydrogen atom
  3. energy conversion
  4. photovoltaics
  5. solar energy
  6. energy conversion
  7. hydrogen atom
  8. photovoltaics
  9. solar energy
  10. thermoelectrics
  11. nanoelectronics
  12. energy conversion
  13. hydrogen atom
  14. photovoltaics
  15. solar energy
  16. thermoelectrics
  17. solar cells
  18. solar fuels
  19. energy storage
  20. molecular dynamics
  21. thermal transport
  22. optical proerties