ECE 656 Lecture 17: BTE and Landauer

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  • BTE review
  • Transport Distribution
  • Connection to Landauer
  • Modes
  • Mean-free-path
  • Summary


This lecture is based on a recent paper, "On Landauer vs. Boltzmann and Full Band vs. Effective Mass Evaluation of Thermoelectric Transport Coefficients," by Changwook Jeong, a Ph.D. student at Purdue University. The paper is available at

The author would also like to acknowledge several illuminating discussions with Prof. S. Datta.

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Armstrong 1109, Purdue University, West Lafayette


  1. Landauer's formula
  2. mean-free-path
  3. nanoelectronics
  4. nanotransistors
  5. Charge Transport
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