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Scattering in NEGF: Made simple

By Dmitri Nikonov1, Himadri Pal2, George Bourianoff

1. Intel Corporation 2. Purdue University

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Formalism for describing electron-phonon scattering, surface scattering, and spin relaxation is dervied for the Keldysh non-equilibrium Green's functions (NEGF) method. Approximation useful for efficient numerical solution are described. The specific case of the nanoMOS simulator is considered.


Dmitri Nikonov, George Bourianoff, Paolo Gargini
Intel Corp., Components Research
Santa Clara, California, 95052
Himadri Pal
Purdue University

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  • Dmitri Nikonov; Himadri Pal; George Bourianoff (2009), "Scattering in NEGF: Made simple,"

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