Rappture Without Touching Source Code

By Alisa Neeman1, Steven Clark2

1. University of Rio Grande 2. Purdue University

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With traditional Rappture use, the tool maker changes all input and output in his or her source code to use Rappture function calls. It's also unusual to use input files that are uploaded in the web browser.

This set of notes shows how you can upload script and data files within the Rappture window, wrap and run your executable tool without changing its source code. The example also shows the use of the Submit tool. It includes a running example.

We wrapped an application called Lammps, a molecular/atomic simulator.


When using Rappture, you typically create a file named tool.xml
which names the execution command. In tool.xml we instead call our tcl wrapper as follows:

tclsh @tool/lmp_wrapper.tcl @driver

You can see the use of the tcl shell, tclsh

There are two files that can be uploaded, script and datafile. All files should run a inside a single loader tag, e.g. :


It is also necessary to have a string input xml element that the file will be written into when it gets uploaded.


Large parts of the code were written by Steven Clark of HUBzero.

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