Interviewing Skills

By Tim Luzader

Center for Career Opportunities, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN


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    Sarvesh Vijay Pradhan

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    This was an informative and value adding seminar on preparing for an interview. I enjoyed the speakers method of presentation, it was engaging and I did learn a few new things despite reading and attending similar interview preparation guides. I had an interview recently and few of the things mentioned could have improved my performance.

    The speaker gave relevant links to CCO resources that were very useful. I especially recommend the Career Wiki. The information there is spot on and was a replica of what my interviewer told me during a monologue about the company.

    Dressing for the interview is an important point. But it is possible that you might be over dressed for the interview, especially when you interview for companies on the west vs east coast. My personal experience is that one should inquire with your contact at the company as to what would be suitable attire and dress one tier above that standard.

    "Authenticate your answers with personal experiences" is a gem of an interview technique. It seems obvious. This is my key take away from this seminar.

    "Interview over lunch or breakfast. Pick food that is comfortable to eat." Yes, this is important. Most interviews have you speaking the most, the food that you pick should be easy to eat and not require a significant portion of your thought process to consume. Also, having a way to follow up after the interview is critical to success, but difficult to remember in the heat of the interview process. I did not think it was okay to get contact details if a business card is not shared, but I liked how the request was phrased.

    Towards the end the speaker suggests a more forward approach of contacting the company official yourself to schedule an interview. This was an interesting approach. I can see how it can result in a "This person is really interested in the company". I personally thought this route could go horribly wrong if the person is upset with your forward behaviour. But maybe it is something I might consider later in my career when I am more established.

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    Gang Yang

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Since I am looking for a job, this seminar is very helpful. Although I also took one with same topic in this semester, I still enjoyed it very much. It has a different organization than this semester's interview skill seminar. I liked the jeopardy game style seminar given in Fall 2015 that has more interaction. However, this seminar has an advantage--it contains more information. The information is also better organized and in chronological order. For starters, it is probably the better choice since it tells more and has a clear logical flow to follow.

    I highly recommend to watch this even if you have already took one similar in your semester. Even if much information is overlapped in both seminars in my experience and most probably be the case for later semesters, it is still very helpful to refresh memories. It also helps to identify more important parts--the parts both seminars emphasize. The speaker is also very humorous so you would not feel bored by hearing same topics again.

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    Naif S Almakhdhub

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    An informative seminar! I liked how the presenter went into detail even about the handshake, interview during a meal,etc. Also emphasizing on interviewing companies someone is interested in, making sure you have an answer to questions you do not like to be asked.

    I did not know about the resources available about the companies, many thanks for pointing that out. 

    To me this was one of the most informative talks I listened to about interviews, I have no complaints! (I liked the funny story about his name also :) )

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