SURI 2003 Program Highlights

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2003 SURI Students The 2003 SURI class consisted of 18 students from 9 different universities.
Alabama A&M
Morgan State
National Polytech Institute Of Toulouse
Purdue University
Norfolk State
University of Michigan
UTEP - University of Texas El Paso
Washington State

2003 Summer Institute Activities

Molecular Conduction Tutorial - Prof. Datta et al.


A short course was held for the SURIs on molecular conduction. The purpose was to bring the SURIs up to speed on molecular conduction so they could participate in the molecular conduction workshop we held at Purdue that brought all the leaders in this field together from industry, academia, and government labs.

Molecular Conduction Workshop


A two-day workshop was held on molecular conduction. This workshop attracted the leaders in this field from industry, academia, and government labs. All the SURIs attended and participated in the workshop

Software boot camp


Several of the SURIs chose to participate in our two-day software bootcamp. The objective of the boot camp was to present the participants with the basics of good-programming and code development how-to. The participants were also introduced to High-Performance Computing and how to interact with a supercomputer. Upon completion of the bootcamp, the students knew how to develop their code in a consistent framework as well as submit and run their codes on high-end machines such as IBM-SP and Linux clusters.

Professional development - A number of professional development seminars/discussion sessions were held for the SURIs. These included topics such as, "How to Select and Apply to Graduate School?", "what is it like to be a graduate student?","Scientific Ethics", "What do professors do besides teach classes?", and "Project design/teamwork".

Project/Product Design
As seen through the Eyes of an Integrated Circuit Designer - Prof. Eaton


Prof. Jim Eaton spent his career as a design engineer at Hewlett-Packard. He now spends time as a visiting professor at Purdue and is shown here in one of the seminars/discussion sessions he had with the SURIs on project design and team work.

Scientific Ethics - Prof. Hirsch


Prof. Andy Hirsch, head of the Physics department at Purdue, teaches a course on Science and Society. Prof. Hirsch presented a seminar on scientific ethics to the SURIs that looked at case studies of scientific fraud.

Summer seminar series - During the summer we held weekly seminars that high-lighted different aspects of nanotechnology research going on at Purdue.

Prof. Gil Lee
Prof. Kendall Thomson
Prof. Kaushik Roy
Prof. Tim Sands
Prof. Tim Fisher

Short Course on Quantum Computing - Prof. Nolte


Prof. David Nolte of the Physics department at Purdue presenting a short course on Quantum Computing.

Technical Writing/Presentations - Joanne Lax


Joanne Lax teaching a course on Technical Writing and Presentations

Other Talks:

  • Selecting and Applying to Graduate School
  • What's it like to be a Professor
  • What's it like to be a Graduate Student

Ending Conference and Proceedings

The summer experience is concluded with a conference in which each student presents their work.

SURI 2003 Conference Proceedings

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