Preparing for a Career Fair

By Cyndi D. Lynch

Graduate Student Professional Development, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN


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    Anirudh Sivakumar

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    This seminar covered the aspects of what a career fairs is, what sort of preparation one should be doing before career fairs, what to be doing during a career fair and what needs to be done after meeting and interacting with recruiters at the career fair.

    Although quite a bit of the information seemed to be common sense like trying to get more information about the recruiters, I would have liked to know more about the different ways in which one could go ahead doing that. Also there does not seem to be any information that International students need to be weary of. I have heard of recruiters who had no idea that international students, depending on their visa statuses, do not need sponsorship unless they are working full-time for the company. I also wish other tip and tricks like CARS are mentioned more in detail as these would be perfect mnemonics which are easy to remember and implement during a conversation.

    I did like some suggestions as to which questions one can ask the recruiter of a company like whether the company is product driven or service driven. These examples were something that I had not heard frequently and seemed to put someone forward as curious in actually getting ot know more about the workings of a company. Also, the tip on talking to people around you while you are waiting in line to get more information about other comapanies was a good one.

    Overall this seminar had some good tips and tricks but can be improved by adding more mnemonics and also mentioning some ideas and things that international students might have to be weary about. It is a good introduction to someone who has not attended a career fair.

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    Daniel Mas Montserrat

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    This seminar give some advice respect career fair. It provides useful information for before, during and after the career fair. Some of the information or advices are just common sense

    The presentation starts giving an overview on what is a career fair about and it compares it with other options to find job opportunities (like applying online). It gives some information about the environment you will find in the career fair and what recruiters are looking for.

    It follows giving some tips on what to do before the career fair. This include things like working on your resume (update it, have different, make multiple copies…), do some research about the companies (using website, social media, find out about their location, competitors, headquarters, goals…) , prepare some speech/identity (using CARS format), make a plan for the career (make a list or schedule).

    Then, it gives some information and tips for the day of the affair: dress professionally, arrive early, do not forget resumes, make sure to meet the recruiters

    The lecture ends up with some information for after the career fair (taking notes, saving cards or documents, send thank you or follow up emails…)


    Good things about lecture:

    Is well structured

    Visuals are clear and well structured


    Bad things:

    The speaker does not speak in a fluid manner

     Almost all information provided in this lecture is common sense

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    Rasika Kalwit

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    This seminar touches upon introduction to a career fair and how you can utilize the opportunities presented at the career fair. For most of the students career fair is a platform where they can get connected to industry person. The presenter talked about how a career fair works and how you can prepare for it. There are ways you can prepare for the career fair, by going to CCO website and getting more information about available opportunities, preparing a resume and making sure you have a great conversation starter to have a good first impression in small amount of time. After the career fair it’s always good to keep in touch with the people you spoke at career fair. I wish the presenter would have talked more about how to actually make most of the career fair when there is lot of information to process.

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    Ran Xu

    2.0 out of 5 stars

    Generally, this seminar gives a brief introduction to the career fair and what to do in the whole process. You will get to know the following after the seminar,

    (1) Some useful information, resources and suggestions for an advanced career

    (2) Basic knowledge about a career fair

    (3) How to prepare for career fair – resume, institutional profiles, dresses

    (4) What to do during the career fair

    (5) What to do after the career fair

    However, the lecturer has the following weaknesses and does not give an impressive lecture.

    (1) She speaks too fast, without any pauses and emphasis, just like reading a document.

    (2) The structure for this lecture is not clear. The speak just provides with knowledge and knowledge again, sometimes before the career fair and sometimes after the career fair.

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    Taegyu Kim

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    This lecture describes how to prepare a job fair.

    Some of concepts are overlapped with "Resumes: Develop your message, tell your story" presented by an identical lecturer.

    But, I have never gone to a job fair (I just passed without participating in it)

    I wondered what is a job fair.


    Some parts of her lecture were cliched. However, I could get what is the purpose of a career fair from the perspective of companies and recruiters. And, what I should prepare before participating in a career fair. 

    Especially, I thought I need to take a simple interview. However, the lecturer mentioned that I need to do something even after a job fair. Such as emailing and showing interest in position continuously. I guess recruiters are not interested in these things. (At least, in my country, maybe they are not interested in + they are busy).

    But, I will participate in the next job fair. I should consider such 'post'-action.  That was the point I got.


    If I evaluate this lecture, well.. not such good lecture. She couldn't use visual effects efficiently. Most contents are letters. Some pictures were useless. I guess she may can use some overall step in a graph form or flow chart. 

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