Graphene nanoribbon bandstructure

By Saumitra Raj Mehrotra1, Gerhard Klimeck1

1. Purdue University



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Graphene nanoribbons (often abbreviated as GNR) are planar strips of graphene with a thickness of approximately one atom. Carbon atoms in graphene are sp2-hybridized with a carbon-carbon bond length of approximately 0.142 nm. As an electronic material, graphene exhibits many desirable properties, such as high carrier mobility, a thin body and compatibility with top down fabrication.

A graphene nanoribbon can be either a zig-zag (left image) or arm-chair (right image) type. Both zig-zag and armchair type GNR are shown with varying widths. Tight-binding band structure calculation predict a zig-zag type GNR to be metallic with formation of edge states while armchair type can be either metallic or semiconducting depending on its width (chirality)

Graphene nanoribbon bandstructure Graphene nanoribbon bandstructure


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