[Pending] Nanoelectronic Modeling Lecture 31b: Quantum Dot Stacks

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This presentation demonstrates the natural trend of strain-induced quantum dots to grow on top of each other. The consequences on the electronic states in the quantum dot are considered.

  • Experimental evidence of vertical quantum dot stack development
  • Quantum dot molecular states
  • Strain coupling – strain fields
  • Quantum dot molecule – 2 quantum dots - Strain effects on the bandstructure – dependence on the quantum dot separation – electron and hole states
  • 7 dot stack

Learning Objectives:

  1. Quantum dot stacks have been built experimentally
  2. Quantum dot stacks can act like artificial molecules when placed close enough
  3. Strain coupling between dots plays a crucial role to modulate the local electronic structure profile
  4. There are no perfectly identical coupled quantum dot disks
  5. Two competing processes:
  6. Strain tends to push the electron ground state to the bottom of the stack
  7. The larger quantum dots on the top of the stack suggest the ground state is at the top of the dot

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