The Future of Environmental Ethics

By Holmes Ralston III

Department of Philosophy, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

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H Rolston III Widely considered the founder of the field of environmental ethics, Dr. Rolston is a laureate for the million dollar Templeton Prize (2003) and the 2005 recipient of the Mendel Medal for outstanding contributions to genetics and to science more generally with concern for the ethical and religious dimensions of their research, Dr. Rolston has written and lectured on reasons for the respect for nature for more than 30 years.

Rolston, also a Presbyterian minister, is one of the world's leading advocates for protecting the Earth's biodiversity and ecology in recognition of the intrinsic value of nature, including the ongoing evolutionary genesis in the natural world.

He has written six books, acclaimed in critical notice in both professional journals and the national press. These include Genes, Genesis and God (Cambridge University Press, 1999), Science and Religion: A Critical Survey (Random House, McGraw Hill, Harcourt Brace), Philosophy Gone Wild (Prometheus Books) Environmental Ethics (Temple University Press), and Conserving Natural Value (Columbia University Press). He has written chapters in eighty other books and over one hundred articles."

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