2D/3D devices under steady state, transient conditions or AC small-signal analysis

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Published on 29 Mar 2005, unpublished on 08 Nov 2007 All versions

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PADRE is a 2D/3D simulator for electronic devices, such as MOSFET transistors. It can simulate physical structures of arbitrary geometry--including heterostructures--with arbitrary doping profiles, which can be obtained using analytical functions or directly from multidimensional process simulators such as Prophet.

For each electrical bias, PADRE solves a coupled set of partial differential equations (PDEs). A variety of PDE systems are supported which form a hierarchy of accuracy:

  • electrostatic (Poisson equation)
  • drift-diffusion (including carrier continuity equations)
  • energy balance (including carrier temperature)
  • electrothermal (including lattice heating)

A variety of supplemental documents are available that deal with the PADRE software and TCAD simulation:


PADRE was developed at Bell Labs by Mark Pinto, R. Kent Smith, and Ashraful Alam.

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