Magnesium Phyllo (Organo) Silicate: A Clay to Play with in Materials Science

By M. Eswaramoorthy

Chemistry & Physics of Materials Unit, JNCASR, Bangalore, India

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The synthesis and applications of amino functionalized clay will be discussed in this talk. The tailor made clay containing amino pendants is easily dispersible in water. This property has been effectively utilized to make water soluble clay-metal nanoparticles composites, clay-protein and clay-polymer composites. Further, the use of aminoclay as a permselective matrix in stabilizing copper nanoparticles will be highlighted. The template application of aminoclay in making mesostructured layered carbon will also be discussed.


M. Eswaramoorthy M. Eswaramoorthy received his Ph.D degree in Chemistry from Anna University, India in 1996. He was a Post-doctoral fellow at AIST, Japan and Bristol University, UK before joining JNCASR in October 2004 as an Associate Professor. His research interests are nanomaterials and catalysis, porous materials, materials for drug delivery and clay composites.

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