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Run the community code ABINIT for electronic structure calculations under density functional theory through a convenient graphical user interface

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Version 2.8.1 - published on 30 Sep 2015

doi:10.4231/D3CC0TV2F cite this

This tool is closed source.

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Recent Questions (24)
1365 why abinit don’t run
Asked by ali lahmer Open 0
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1347 does Abinit support all parralalisme level?
Asked by ali lahmer Open 1
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971 Can ABINIT be used to determine the refractive index of a molecule? If yes, how to get it??
Asked by Mehta Bhaven Satish Open 1
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1585 Is it possible to use pre-calculated data as input?
Asked by Thanusit Burinprakhon Open 1
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1584 Is it allowed to download abinit output files from my storages?
Asked by Thanusit Burinprakhon Open 1
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1467 Which version of the ABINIT code is implemented now at nanoHUB?
Asked by Stepan V. Syrotyuk Open 0
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1314 Can I visualize the band structure and density of states of graphene after getting the output file from ABINIT running in Linux
Asked by seba sara varghese Open 1
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1246 Wavefunction visualization does not seem to work
Asked by Antonio Cancio Open 1
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1205 density of states
Asked by Yu-Chih Tseng Open 0
1157 changing electron occupation
Asked by Giovanni Maria Vanacore Open 1
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1115 GGA only psp for Ce?
Asked by Maxim Arsent'ev Open 1
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1051 unable to repeat the result of user guide
Asked by Li yongjun Open 0
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981 Hi Iam unable to launch abinit tool please help me.
Asked by v sampath kumar Open 1
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955 Excuse me, why abinit tool doesn’t work with “In” element?
Asked by Orlandoo Ortiz Jimenez Open 2
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905 how to upload pseudopotential file (pawps)
Asked by Maxim Arsent'ev Open 1
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896 input options
Asked by Michele Pisarra Open 2
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846 AbInit NanoHub GUI
Asked by Calin Floare Open 1
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831 The tool gets stuck during post-processing while I try to run the default example.
Asked by Chandra Veer Singh Open 1
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793 input files
Asked by Jamal A Talla Open 1
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1086 mpi error
Asked by Maxim Arsent'ev Closed 1
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825 How to obtain the spin density in Fe crystal bcc?
Asked by sergey yu shishkov Closed 1
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473 why can’t Abinit work for code with Nb element
Asked by vo duy dat Closed 1
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197 The aninit version here is seriously outdated, error will occur while try to use it.
Asked by s.f.jin Closed 1
111 abinit MPI doesnot work
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