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  1. Non-Local RSO Datta-Das Spin Transistor

    26 Oct 2014 | Downloads | Contributor(s): Kerem Yunus Camsari, Samiran Ganguly

    Spin-orbit coupling phenomena in semiconductor materials constitute an important avenue for spintronics. The  "Rashba Effect" that   is commonly observed in III­‐V materials has been predicted as a possible way of manipulating spins to show transistor action, and has...

  2. Released Resonant Body Transistor (RBT) model 1.0.0

    18 Sep 2014 | Compact Models | Contributor(s): Bichoy W. Bahr, Dana Weinstein, Luca Daniel

    An RBT is a micro-electromechanical (MEM) resonator with a transistor (FET) incorporated into the resonator structure to sense the mechanical vibrations.The electrostatic drive of RBTs using internal dielectric transduction, along with the FET sensing, enable these devices to easily scale to...

  3. Novel Approaches to Hybridizing Concentrated Solar Thermal with Combustion and Gasification

    07 Oct 2014 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Graham 'Gus' Nathan

    The seminar will describe the advantages of directly integrating concentrating solar thermal with combustion and auto thermal gasification processes for liquid fuels production and power generation. It will also outline three novel classes of technology to achieve this, namely a hybrid solar...

  4. New Directions in MEMS for Wireless Harsh-Environment Sensors

    11 Sep 2014 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Dimitrios Peroulis

  5. FET pH Sensor Model 1.0.1

    11 Sep 2014 | Compact Models | Contributor(s): Piyush Dak, Muhammad A. Alam

    The FET pH sensor model is a surface potential compact model for FET based pH sensors that accurately describes the physics of electrolyte and surface charges that respond to pH. Used with any FET model it characterizes the operation of the device with changes in pH.

  6. First-Year Engineering Students' Nanotechnology Awareness, Exposure and Motivation Before and After Educational Interventions

    11 Nov 2014 | Papers | Contributor(s): Yi Kong

    Educational interventions in first-year engineering programs can positively affect students’ awareness of nanotechnology by introducing students to basic nanotechnology concepts and motivating them to follow nanotechnology-related career paths. The research question examined in this study...

  7. Development and Validation of a Nano Size and Scale Instrument (NSSI)

    11 Nov 2014 | Papers | Contributor(s): Yi Kong, Heidi A Diefes-Dux, Kelsey Joy Rodgers, Anna Douglas, Krishna Madhavan

    The concepts of size and scale are fundamental to nanotechnology education but can be difficult for beginning undergraduate students to grasp. It is important to develop curricular interventions to increase students’ conceptual understanding of size and scale, before moving on to more...

  8. [Illinois] Nanooptics Lab Day 2

    11 Nov 2014 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): NanoBio Node, Jeremy Smith, Sarah White

    The presentation includes the second day of the NanoOptics Labs. It includes exercises showing how plasmon resonance can be used as sensors for changes in dielectric environment.   

  9. [Illinois] Translational Nanomedicine in the Interface of Chemistry, Biology, and Engineering

    26 Aug 2014 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Dipanjan Pan

  10. Addressing the Inverse Problem of Optical Imaging

    10 Sep 2014 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Aaron Lewis

    "Addressing the inverse problem of imaging" by Prof. Aaron Lewis from the Nanonics NanoPhotonics workshop.

  11. Implantable Networks of Wireless Nanoelectronic Devices

    20 Aug 2014 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Pedro Irazoqui

  12. BioDynamic Imaging of Living Tissues

    20 Aug 2014 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): David D. Nolte

    In this talk, I will describe two complementary applications of biological interferometry. The first is a multi-mode biomedical imaging approach to study the effects of anti-cancer drugs on living tumour tissue. The living motion inside cells and tissues is the intrinsic (endogenous) contrst...

  13. Web Accessibility for SURF

    17 Nov 2014 | Online Presentations

  14. How Really Smart People can Write Really Dumb Models

    19 Aug 2014 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Colin McAndrew

    This talk will review some of the worst bloopers in models I have come across, and provide a framework to use to help avoid making similar blunders in models you develop. I will also recount some examples where seemingly finicky details of a model are critical to meeting real world needs.

  15. Useful nanoHUB Features

    18 Aug 2014 | Downloads | Contributor(s): Tanya Faltens

    These short pdf documents describe how to make the best use of nanoHUB features that instructors (and others) might find useful.  Topics covered include creating and working with groups, sharing a tool session, working with projects, searching for resources, creating a collection, asking...

  16. Overview of Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM)

    10 Sep 2014 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Ron Reifenberger

    An introductory talk about scanning probe microscopes (SPMs) at the undergraduate level to explain what an SPM does and how it functions.

  17. Electron transport and inelastic electron tunneling spectroscopy of porphyrin in a molecular junction

    11 Feb 2015 | Presentation Materials | Contributor(s): Teresa Esposito, Kim M. Lewis, Alexandra Krawictz, Peter H. Dinolfo

    Organometallic molecules, such as porphyrin, are being investigated as circuit elements for organic electronics. Porphyrins are highly conjugated aromatic molecules that have shown electronic properties that exhibit high and low conductance states. These conductance states may be related to...

  18. NSAC Ambassadors General Meeting Minutes

    11 Feb 2015 | Papers | Contributor(s): nsac nsac

  19. [Illinois] Societal Implications of Bionanotechnology

    10 Aug 2014 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Irfan S. Ahmad

  20. [Illinois] Extracellular Matrix Remodeling during Cancer Progression and Metastasis

    09 Oct 2014 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Manu Platt