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  1. Flow Through a Catalytic Reactor

    16 May 2019 | Teaching Materials

    Use porous flow theory to describe pressure-flow rate and plug/mixing behavior of flow through a packed bed of catalyst spheres.

  2. Dimensional Analysis: Catalytic Combustion of Carbon Monoxide

    16 May 2019 | Teaching Materials

    Use dimensional analysis to understand how parameters and material properties determine uniformity of reactant gas concentration across porous spheres coated with catalysts.

  3. Freezing by Radiation and Convection

    16 May 2019 | Teaching Materials

    Use radiation and a heat transfer coefficient to estimate the initial rate of solidification of the solid shell at the top of a casting while the temperature in the shell can be considered uniform, then set up the equation for mixed conduction/convection-radiation limited cooling.

  4. Heat Conduction and Diffusion in Alloy Casting

    16 May 2019 | Teaching Materials

    Derive temperature and liquid concentration profiles during die casting of a roughly plate-shaped alloy part.

  5. Coextrusion of Multilayer Polymer Sheets

    16 May 2019 | Teaching Materials

    Sketch the flow profile of a multilayer polymer flow through an extrusion die and beyond it, and predict the final layer thickness distribution.

  6. Electron Beam Centrifugal Atomization of Metal

    16 May 2019 | Teaching Materials

    Use a heat balance to calculate electron beam power required to continuously heat and melt metal as it is atomized, including heat losses from the top surface due to evaporation and radiation.

  7. Effective Integration of NIST Reference Data, Reference Materials, and Informatics in Support of Science and Technology

    15 May 2019 | Online Presentations

    In this talk, a general description of NIST’s SRM program will be provided, highlighting some examples related to environmental science, clinical diagnoses and petroleum chemistry. In addition, issues related to the effective integration of reference data with reference materials and...

  8. Interface Enabled Technologies

    09 May 2019 | Online Presentations

    This talk presents examples of how interfaces of similar and dissimilar materials give us opportunities for new science and possibly new applications.

  9. CD Injection Molding I: Navier-Stokes

    10 Apr 2019 | Teaching Materials

    State simplifying assumptions which can be made regarding radial injection molding of liquid polycarbonate polymer into a CD mold, and simplify the cylindrical form of the Navier-Stokes equations accordingly.

  10. CD Injection Molding II: Shear Stress

    09 Apr 2019 | Teaching Materials

    Solve the cylindrical Navier-Stokes equations simplified in Part I to give the velocity profile in radial injection molding of a CD, and calculate the shear stress based on this velocity profile.

  11. Radiative Cooling of an Aluminum Cube

    09 Apr 2019 | Teaching Materials

    Show that radiative cooling of an aluminum cube is Newtonian (uniform temperature), and calculate time required to cool through a certain temperature range by radiation alone.

  12. Bottom Filled Mold

    07 Apr 2019 | Teaching Materials

    Calculation of mold filling times, with and without a constant height of metal in a riser. Problem uses modified Bernoulli equation for the mechanical energy balance and the students are asked to determine which resistances are significant.

  13. Cast-a-Box: Casting Conditions and Macroporosity

    07 Apr 2019 | Teaching Materials

    An illustration of three-dimensional finite difference simulation of heat conduction with phase change and complex boundary conditions, this requires students to adjust boundary conditions to make the top surface of a regular hexahedral "casting" to freeze last, eliminating...

  14. Batch and Continuous Flow Reactors

    30 Mar 2019 | Teaching Materials

    Derive expressions for productivity of plug flow and perfectly mixed continuous flow reactors, discuss quality, and describe advantages of batch reactors.

  15. Blood Filtration

    30 Mar 2019 | Teaching Materials

    Estimate flow rate of blood through two types of porous filter: an array of tubes and a packed bed of solid spheres.

  16. Blood Flow and Vascular Deposits

    30 Mar 2019 | Teaching Materials

    Analyze the effect of increasing fat deposit thickness on blood flow through human arteries.

  17. Casting of a Cylindrical Part in a Thermally Resistive Mold

    30 Mar 2019 | Teaching Materials

    Use of integral analysis for development of approximate solution for solidification in cylindrical thermally resistive mold.

  18. Stokes Flow Past a Fluid Sphere

    20 Mar 2019 | Teaching Materials

    The solution to the Stokes flow equations for viscous flow past a viscous sphere, which in the limiting cases of zero and infinite interior viscosity gives the drag force on bubbles and solid spheres respectively.

  19. Dimensional Analysis for Dummies

    20 Mar 2019 | Teaching Materials

    Derivation of the error function solution to the diffusion equation, and description of the point source in 1-, 2- and 3-dimensions..

  20. Application of Integral Analysis to Semi-infinite Diffusion Couple

    20 Mar 2019 | Teaching Materials

    Apply integral analysis to semi-infinite diffusion couple.