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  1. Simulation based Thermal Design Framework for Accelerated Structure exploration (STEDFAST)

    09 Aug 2018

    Perform a genetic algorithm to optimize superlattice structures.

  2. Computational Catalysis with DFT

    01 Aug 2018

    DFT tool for studying heterogeneous catalysis

  3. JFETlab: An Online Simulation Tool for Double Gate Symmetrical JFETs

    29 Nov -0001 | Tools

    Online eudcational tool for simulation of electrical characteristics of Junction Field Effect Transistors (JFETs)

  4. NCN Retrospective Metrics Report

    29 Nov -0001 | Tools

    This tool and the associated new hub-analytics package replace the old NCN Annual Report with a easily modified, more self-service alternative geared to current and future reporting requirements.

  5. Optimized Workflow for Electronic and Thermoelectric Properties

    29 Nov -0001 | Tools

    Uses Density Functional Theory (DFT) to extract electronic properties of materials and connects to the nanoHUB tool Landauer Transport Properties (LanTraP) for thermoelectric calculations.

  6. Purdue University Bifacial Module Calculator (PUB)

    29 Nov -0001 | Tools

    A tool to simulate and optimize the energy yield of both bifacial and monofacial solar modules

  7. How is Nanotechnology Changing the Electronics Industry?

    29 Nov -0001 | Online Presentations

  8. SPICE Subcircuit Generator for Ferromagnetic Nanomaterials

    29 Nov -0001 | Tools

    Generates SPICE subcircuit netlist for ferromagnetic nanometarials for spintronic devices

  9. Electrostatic Properties Simulation of Layered 2D Material Devices

    29 Nov -0001 | Tools

    Simulate charge carrier density, potential drop and energy band diagram across any vertical 1D cross-section in a layered heterostructure of 2D semiconductors, graphene and metals.

  10. Spectral analysis of non-equilibrium molecular dynamics

    29 Nov -0001 | Tools

    Extract the phonon modal temperature and heat flux from non-equilibrium molecular dynamics

  11. Specific Resistance for Copper Interconnects

    29 Nov -0001 | Tools

    This tool calculates the specific resistance $rho(alpha,beta,gamma)$ based on the atomistic model reported in preprint arXiv:1701.04897

  12. Purdue University Meteorological Tool

    29 Nov -0001 | Tools

    Provide meteorological data from national databases.

  13. LAMMPS Data-File Generator

    29 Nov -0001 | Tools

    This tool generates all necessary input files for LAMMPS simulations of molecular systems starting with an atomistic structure.

  14. Electron Transport in Schottky Barrier CNTFETs

    29 Nov -0001 | Papers

    A given review describes models based on Wentzel-Kramers-Brillouin approximation, which are used to obtain I-V characteristics for ballistic CNTFETs with Schottky-Barrier (SB) contacts. The SB is supposed to be an exponentially or linearly decaying function along the channel. The ...

  15. Electrochemical Simulation

    29 Nov -0001 | Tools

    Simulate molecular dynamics using LAMMPS as well as an addition electrochemical force field (EChemDID)

  16. SPICE Subcircuit Generator for Spintronic Nonmagnetic Metallic Channel Components

    29 Nov -0001 | Tools

    Generates SPICE subcircuit netlist for electronic and spintronic transport in nanoscale nonmagnetic metallic channels

  17. Monte Carlo Phonon Transport Simulator

    29 Nov -0001 | Tools

    Calculates thermal conductivity of semiconductors by solving the Boltzmann transport equation via particle-based Monte Carlo method

  18. Quantum Dot Lab via Jupyter

    29 Nov -0001 | Tools

    Simulate 3-D confined states in quantum dot geometries using Jupyter notebook for educational purposes

  19. TrapSimulator

    29 Nov -0001 | Tools

    A RTN behavior Simulation Tool

  20. Quantum Spins in the Solid-State: An Atomistic Material-to-Device Modeling Approach

    29 Nov -0001 | Online Presentations

    In this talk, I will present an atomistic modeling approach that combines intrinsic material and extrinsic device properties under a unified framework to describe spins and their interactions with theenvironment. This approach captures important spin properties such as exchange, spin-orbit,...