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  1. Tutorial on Two Photon Lithography Tool

    26 Nov 2018 | Online Presentations

    Two-photon lithography (TPL) is a nano-scale 3-d fabrication technique. TPL depends upon the two-photon polymerization process, whereby two incident photons of light are absorbed by a precursor material leading to polymerization. The smallest feature size (voxel) achievable in a TPL...

  2. Sandbox2D FDTD Multiphysics simulator

    17 Oct 2018 | Tools

    FDTD Yee's scheme coupled to multiphysics models: generalized dispersion model, generalized gain model and other nonlinearities

  3. DARPA EXTREME ACTEOM Database: Optical Constants

    17 Oct 2018 | Tools

    Database of optical constants to simulate extreme materials in frequency and time domains

  4. DARPA Sandbox-1D tool to simulate BA media

    17 Oct 2018 | Tools

    Simulates propagation through the slab of BA optical media

  5. Optical Properties of Single Coaxial Nanowires -LDOS and Purcell Factor

    02 Oct 2018 | Tools

    Computes LDOS and Purcell Factor of a single nanowire with up to 2 shell layers using Mie-formalism

  6. Contour PV

    29 Nov -0001 | Tools

    Sweep parameters to generate contour plots of photovoltaic device characteristics

  7. Two Photon Lithography

    29 Nov -0001 | Tools

    Calculate voxel dimensions for a two-photon lithography process

  8. Radiative Cooling Experiment

    29 Nov -0001 | Tools

    Simulate a passive radiative cooling solution implementation in an experimental setup.

  9. Quantum Coherent Transport in Atoms & Electrons

    29 Nov -0001 | Online Presentations

    I will discuss some recent experimental examples from my lab studying quantum coherent transport and interferometry in electrons as well as cold atoms.   For example, phase coherent electron transport and interference around a cylinder realized in a nanowire of topological insulator...

  10. Novel Plasmonic Materials and Nanodevices for Integrated Quantum Photonics

    29 Nov -0001 | Online Presentations

    This research focuses on color centers in diamond that share quantum properties with single atoms. These systems promise a path for the realization of practical quantum devices such as nanoscale sensors, single-photon sources, and quantum memories. In particular, we explored an intriguing...

  11. Opening Remarks

    29 Nov -0001 | Online Presentations

    Opening remarks for the 2017 Purdue Quantum Center workshop.

  12. Coherent Nonlinear Optical Propagation Processes in Hyperbolic Metamaterials

    29 Nov -0001 | Online Presentations

    Coherence and interference play an important role in classic and quantum physics. Processes to be employed can be significantly enhanced and the unwanted ones suppressed through the deliberately tailored constructive and destructed interference at quantum transitions and at nonlinear optical...

  13. Soft, Biocompatible Optoelectronic Interfaces to the Brain

    29 Nov -0001 | Online Presentations

    In this talk, we will describe foundational concepts in physics and materials science for these types of technologies, in 1D, 2D and 3D architectures. Examples in system level demonstrations include experiments on freely moving animals with ‘cellular-scale’, injectable optofluidic...

  14. What is Markovian and non-Markovian in Quantum Mechanics: New Approaches and Viewpoints

    29 Nov -0001 | Online Presentations

    While in classical physics the notion of what is Markovian or not is well defined, this is not the case when it comes to open quantum systems. What makes a quantum dynamics Markovian or non-Markovian (NM)? Traditional answers to this question involve the celebrated Lindblad master equation (ME)...

  15. 2017 Purdue Quantum Center Workshop: Coherent Effects in Physics and Chemistry

    29 Nov -0001 | Workshops

    Presentations for this workshop are in production and will be available in the next 30 days Click on image to download high resolution image

  16. NanoCraft-FIBstream: Focused Ion Beam Stream File Generator

    29 Nov -0001 | Tools

    Generate a stream file for milling nanostructures (e.g. rectangular and circular nanohole arrays, v-groove slots ) by using focused ion beam (e.g. FEI Nova 200).

  17. ECE 695NS Lecture 7: Photonic Bandstructure Calculations

    29 Nov -0001 | Online Presentations

    Outline:Maxwell eigenproblemMatrix decompositionsReformulating the eigenproblemsIterative eigensolversConjugate gradient solversPreconditionersDavidson solversTargeted solvers

  18. ECE 695NS Lecture 6: Photonic Bandstructures

    29 Nov -0001 | Online Presentations

    Outline:Bandstructure symmetries2D Photonic bandstructuresPhotonic waveguide bandstructuresPhotonic slab bandstructures3D Photonic lattice types + bandstructures

  19. ECE 695NS Lecture 5: Bandstructures for Electro-optic Systems

    29 Nov -0001 | Online Presentations

    Outline:Bandstructure problemBloch's theoremPhotonic bandstructures1D2D

  20. ECE 695NS Lecture 4: Eigenproblems for Electro-optic Systems

    29 Nov -0001 | Online Presentations

    Outline:Electrostatics PotentialsSolving Ax = bSpin arraysSolving eigenproblemsBandstructure problemBloch's theoremPhotonic bandstructures1D2D