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DDSCAT Convert: A Target Generation Tool

By John Feser1, AbderRahman N Sobh1

1. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Convert .obj files to DDSCAT shape files

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Version 1.8e - published on 12 Mar 2015

doi:10.4231/D3NG4GS8B cite this

Open source: license | download

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1461 How to generate distinct multi-objects?
Asked by Jonathan Liang Open 2
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1557 mesh size
Asked by Anonymous Open 1
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1535 How DDSCAT Convert could be compiled on Fedora
Asked by Hirak Chatterjee Open 1
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1524 Generation of Field Calculations Volumes
Asked by Michael Ross Open 1
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1523 Does not accept (previously working) .obj files?
Asked by Dmitriy Boyuk Open 1
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1522 Unable to convert .obj file to DDSCAT shape file
Asked by Ivy Jiang Open 1
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1520 It does not recognize object file
Asked by Anonymous Open 1
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1501 Error while compiling DDACONVERT code.
Asked by Pradeep Verma Open 2
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1431 Why does this code not load? Does any one else have the same problem?
Asked by Dmitri Boyuk Open 1
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1402 How to modify the code to run with only gfortran and without openmpi installed in the system?
Asked by Hirak Chatterjee Open 1
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1476 Multiple objects
Asked by Rodrigo Closed 2
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