Thermoelectric Power Factor Calculator for Superlattices

By Terence Musho1, Greg Walker2

1. West Virginia University 2. Vanderbilt University

Quantum Simulation of the Seebeck Coefficient and Electrical Conductivity in 1D Superlattice Structures using Non-Equilibrium Green's Functions

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Version 1.2w - published on 18 Mar 2015

doi:10.4231/D3804XM0C cite this

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Version Released DOI Handle Published
1.2w 18 Mar 2015 doi:10.4231/D3804XM0C yes
1.2 29 Jun 2009 doi:10.4231/D35Q4RK7J no
1.1.1 08 Jan 2009 doi:10.4231/D3FT8DJ32 no