SugarAid ECE202

By Prabhakar Marepalli1, Jason Clark1

1. Purdue University

A homework tool for Linear Circuit Analysis, ECE202

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Version 0.07w - published on 16 Apr 2015

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SugarAidECE202 provides homework exercises for the students taking the course ECE202. Students have to complete the homework assignments in this tool where they receive immediate feedback of their response. When they answer a question wrong, the solution is displayed with detailed explanation followed by penalty to the corresponding question. The penalty is that SugarAid records this question and later shows up again to test the student's retention at regular intervals. Each time a problem is displayed, care is taken to make sure that they are not repeated. Students can view their scores anytime using the ‘Progress Report’ button. A timer is displayed in the tool which records the time taken by the student to solve each problem. The timer shows the time limit for the problem and if the question is not answered in the given time, that question would be considered as weakness by SugarAid. Other features of this tool are outlined below: 1.Weakness: The objective of this section is to improve student's retention. Whenever a question is answered wrong, it is recorded and later shown up in weakness. SugarAid records the time interval between two successive attempts of a question in weakness, and if the question is answered right only after 48 hours from the time it was first answered wrong, it is removed from weakness. This is to ensure that student remembers the concept after a given time interval. 2.Review: Review shows up all the questions based on the concepts used. The list of concepts being used in all the homeworks is displayed and the student can select and practice the concept of his choice. No data is being recorded in this section so that student can spend as much time as he like practising.

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