By Gianluca Fiori1, Giuseppe Iannaccone2

1. University of Pisa 2. Universita' di Pisa

3D Poisson/NEGF solver for the simulation of Graphene Nanoribbon, Carbon nanotubes and Silicon Nanowire Transistors.

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Version 1.23 - published on 06 Oct 2016

doi:10.4231/D33J3925R cite this

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2004 ERROR : Phi.out not found, while running 2nd simulation using 'prev'
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1996 how to define work function & doping conc. in TMD FET
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1954 How to obtain Vgs Vs Ids for particalar value of Vds ? I am getting a point not able to know how to specify the voltage in sweep field.
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1865 Error in Installation
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1769 How to design a new TMD materials like Wse2,etc in nanotcad vides?
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1505 ViDES fails to show output after the simulation complete (when input uploaded using inputdeck)
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1481 Is this current version (1.22) the latest or as specified on the official website, it is an old version? Thank you!
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1338 How the drain voltage sweep is defined in input file?
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731 Specifying Shotkey Barrier Height for SB type GNRFET
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636 Is it possible to define a dual-gate CNTFET into TCAD Vides?
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489 multi-layered GNR
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486 Simulation of CNFET with multiple carbon nanotubes
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409 Is it possible to simulate circuits made of various CNTs? (for instance logic gates)
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389 About Double Gate simulation
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290 code seems to crash with a message “Child Process Exited Abnormally”
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