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  1. “All sites listed as possible execution hosts are out of service.”

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    I am trying to run ABINIT, but when I go to simulate the program I get an error saying that "All sites listed as possible execution hosts are out of service". I have also tried to run...


  2. abinit problem

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    How to resolve getting an error “line 16 has more than 132 columns”?


  3. abinit problem for large atoms

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    while working in abinit with copper molecules I face an error like “SIZE OF YOUR INPUT FILE IS SUCH THAT INTERNAL CHARACTER STRING THAT SHOULD CONTAIN IT IS TOO SMALL” Does anyone...


  4. Could I use the abinit package on nanohub to simulate doped CNTs?

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    Hello, I am a researcher interested in performing research in computational nanotechnology and I am a new user of the nanohub website. My interest is in doped Carbon nanotube and in studying...


  5. Error running abinit test file

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    Hello, I was running an abinit test file t46.in at the nanohub, but it has problem launching. It is a test file for generating STM charge density images for aluminium. The input is as...


  6. Get problem lauching job: can’t use non-numeric string as an operand of “-”

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    Hello, I upload a input file in abint, nanohub.org/tools/abinit/session/353309. When I run this...


  7. I can’t get ABINIT to start on nanoHub, and can’t get the Users Guide to work either.

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  8. Is there a gui for the output of abinit for plotting DOS and BANDS?

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  9. Is there an ABINIT tutorial for ferromagnetic materials?

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    Suppose that we have a lattice of which we want to examine ferromagnetic properties. Can abinit help? If so, how?


  10. the simulation in abinit is showing errors..

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    on giving the inputs to abinit, the job runs but it gives an output showing:

    problem launching job

    can’t use non-numeric string as an operand of “-” while...


  11. why an error of “more than 132 columns are used”? I have checked, it is less than 132

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