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  1. “All sites listed as possible execution hosts are out of service.”

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    I am trying to run ABINIT, but when I go to simulate the program I get an error saying that "All sites listed as possible execution hosts are out of service". I have also tried to run...


  2. As ABINIT update?

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    .Version 6.12.3 of ABINIT
    .(MPI version, prepared for a x86_64_linux_gnu4.7 computer)

    .Copyright (C) 1998-2012 ABINIT group .
     ABINIT comes with ABSOLUTELY NO...


  3. why abinit don’t run

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    dear nanohub user’s i try to lunch abinit for more than 1 week but i don’t arrive to do this because a message that there is no combination appear can any one give me a deatils on...


  4. time wall under geometry relax run

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    Dear all i would ask only if the execution time suggested by the user is a major factor in controlling geometry relaxation run with abinit because i have lunched a work and i have fixed the...