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  1. Why does I-V characteristic curve not appear after launching the simulator tool ADEPT 2.1?

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    I-V characteristic curve does not appear after launching the simulator tool ADEPT 2.1 from where I can take the value of Voc and Jsc . How can I...


  2. Confiused about my CIGS simulation result using adept 2

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    i am confused about my (CIGS solar cell) simulation result using Adept 2. In my simulation short circuit current density and open circuit voltage is .02279 A/cm2 and 1.14 respectively.solar...


  3. Boundary conditions in N-AlGaAs-pGaAs heterojunction

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    I am trying to understand the Boundary conditions being used in ADEPT 2.0. Perhaps this is a Naive question.

    The example I refer to is the simple http://nanohub.org/answers/question/966

  4. ADEPT 2.0 First-Time User Guide

    03 Mar 2011 | | Contributor(s):: Xufeng Wang

    This first-time user guide provides a basic walk-through on how to run the ADEPT simulation tool.