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  1. Emerging Opportunities, Challenges, and Applications in Exascale Computing

    10 Mar 2011 | | Contributor(s):: Ananth Grama

    The move towards exascale computing platforms (capable of 10^18 floating point operations) poses tremendous challenges, while presenting opportunities for foundational advances in a variety of application domains. In this talk, I will describe various technical issues that must be overcome to...

  2. Illinois ECE 498AL: Programming Massively Parallel Processors, Lecture 7: GPU as part of the PC Architecture

    30 Aug 2009 | | Contributor(s):: Wen-Mei W Hwu

    GPU as part of the PC ArchitectureTopics: Typical Structure of a CUDA Program Bandwidth: Gravity of Modern computer Systems (Original) PCI Bus Specification PCI as Memory Mapped I/O PCI Express (PCI-E) PCI-E Links and Lanes PCI-E PC Architecture Intel Single Core System Intel Dual Core System...