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  1. Can we increase the limit of k-space region from 0,0 to

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    I want to simulate the Ultra-thin body Silicon for [0,0] to [1,0]  instead of [0,0] to [0.5,0] in k-space.I am unable to change that manually.Please can you help me out?


  2. why the simulator simulates the nanowire bandstructure like bulke bandstructure?

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    the simulatore doesnt work correctly.it simulates the nanowire s bandstructure like the bulke s bandstructure.its figure should be symmetry but its not! and the k domain should be from -3.14 to...


  3. Does behave Band structure Lab for circular nanowire wrong?

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    Hello I use the Band structure Lab for simulation of characteristics circular NanoWire. According to http://nanohub.org/answers/question/901