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  1. Can we increase the limit of k-space region from 0,0 to

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    I want to simulate the Ultra-thin body Silicon for [0,0] to [1,0]  instead of [0,0] to [0.5,0] in k-space.I am unable to change that manually.Please can you help me out?


  2. why the simulator simulates the nanowire bandstructure like bulke bandstructure?

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    the simulatore doesnt work correctly.it simulates the nanowire s bandstructure like the bulke s bandstructure.its figure should be symmetry but its not! and the k domain should be from -3.14 to...


  3. Does behave Band structure Lab for circular nanowire wrong?

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    Hello I use the Band structure Lab for simulation of characteristics circular NanoWire. According to http://nanohub.org/answers/question/901

  4. Band Structure Lab Learning Materials

    By completing the Bandstructure Lab in ABACUS - Assembly of Basic Applications for Coordinated Understanding of Semiconductors, users will be able to understand a) the concept of carriers...


  5. Verification of the Validity of Bulk Bandstructure Lab

    10 Aug 2010 | Contributor(s):: Dragica Vasileska, Gerhard Klimeck

    This set of slides compares the optical gaps for Si, Ge and GaAs with those given in www.ioffe.ru, thus verifying the validity of the bulk Bandstructure Lab tool.