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  1. ECE 695E: An Introduction to Data Analysis, Design of Experiment, and Machine Learning

    07 Jan 2019 | | Contributor(s):: Muhammad A. Alam

    This course will provide the conceptual foundation so that a student can use modern statistical concepts and tools to analyze data generated by experiments or numerical simulation.

  2. Lukasz Burzawa


  3. May 26 2016

    Big Data Bioinformatics conference

    GTCbio is proud to present the Big Data Bioinformatics conference, to be held on May 26th-27th 2016 in Boston, MA. GTCbio's Big Data Bioinformatics conference provides...


  4. Nahil Sobh

    Nahil Sobh is the site-lead of NCN at the University of Illinois and Project Lead for the KnowEnG’s Data Science Implementation team. He received a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, and a Ph.D....