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  1. The boundary conditions do not seem to be set using the interface for the tool.

    Closed | Responses: 1

    When I look at the program output, I noticed that the 6x3 matrix (BDY) values do not seem to be getting set using the interface. The...


  2. 1D Finite Different Method Conduction Heat Transfer Tool

    15 Feb 2012 | Tools | Contributor(s): Nicholas Roberts

    Simple 1D Finite Difference Method Tool for Undergraduate Heat Transfer Course


  3. 2010 Nano-Biophotonics Summer School @ UIUC Lecture 2 - 2D/3D Fourier transforms & Electromagnetic fields/ Lorentz-Drude model

    25 Sep 2010 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Gabriel Popescu

    So far, we have discussed Fourier transformations involving one-dimensional functions. Of course, in studying imaging, the concept must be generalized to 2D and 3D functions. For example,...